Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Suzanne's specialties

From the website : Suzanne's promises that all of our products are made with only the highest quality Organic or All-Natural ingredients. We use no preservatives, refined sugars, artificial colors or flavors. Suzanne's Specialties products are fat-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan. Our philosophy is to avoid over-refining grains where the identity of the plant itself has been removed. We believe that there is real value in keeping the original color, proteins, residual oils, and micronutrients of the grains. As a result, our products are truly sweetened the way Mother Nature intended.

Ok , I have to tell you I coun't wait to try these goodies out! My husband and I absolutely loved the blueberry spreadable fruit ( I am so glad I chose to try this one) . It tasted like you were eating blueberries right off the bush! We spread the fruit over an organic bagel( YUMMY) ! My husband was bragging on the freshness of it ! Austin our ten year old son had the Chocolate Rice Nectar poured over vanilla ice-cream withe marshmellow creme on top ! He really liked it , I even tried some of the Chocolate Rice Nectar in a cup of coffee.along with the Organice Agave Syrup ( natural sweetner) .... this tasted HEAVENLY! I could get used to that ! I can't wait to share with the rest of my family to get their input on it. I am sure they will enjoy them just as well ! Thanks again http://www.suzannes-specialties.com/ for the goodies you sent me .


Melinda said...

ooh that chocolate looks yummy!:D