Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Sunday

My Niece Brooke hunting eggs at Grannys

Me & Sue from church at Sunrise Breakfast

Cupcakes I made for the church kids ( made another batch just like these)
for my family dinner at my moms .

Monday, April 12, 2010

Annie's Homegrown Snacks Review

Annie's homegrown even sent a onsies for my soon to be newborn baby girl . I will post a picture later with her modeling it.

Sunny Citrus Fruit Snacks

I did not even really get a chance to try a whole pack of these my son devoured them all up .I did manage to eat one of these fruity snacks and loved . The fruit snacks were great for a nutritional snack to pack with a school lunch .

Nutritional value
• Certified organic
• Free of artificial coloring
• Made with real fruit juice
• 100% DV of vitamin C
• Vegan & gelatin freefruit snacks are made with real fruit juice and packed with 100% Daily Value of Vitamin C

Bunny Grahams

I received the Annie's package late in the afternoon . These came right in time for an afternoon snack . My husband , son and myself tore right into these and almost wiped out the whole box . So delish! I had a few left and carried to work for a mid day snack .

Nutritional value
8g Whole Grains per Serving0g Trans FatExcellent Source of CalciumNo Saturated FatNo cholesterolVegetarian

Cheddar Organic Snack Mix Bunnies

These cheesy organic bunny treats come in bunny sizes with NO preservatives or artificial additives. I carried these yummy treats on a beach trip this past weekend for me and my family ......... they hit the spot !

Nutritional value
Cheese from Organic Valley® Family of FarmsNo artificial anythingOg trans fat & 0g sat fatNo cholesterolGrown & processed without GMOs

Bunny Love Cereal

Annie's Bunny Love Toasted Whole Grain Oat Breakfast Cereal - with bunnies, "hugs" and "kisses" (X's and O's) made from toasted whole grain oats. I love cereals for busy on the go mornings . My husband and I finished the box off in a weeks time . We loved knowing that we were actually a cereal that was nutritional and tasty at the same time .

Nutritional value
100% All Natural19 grams Whole Grains (a Good Source of Fiber)Low Fat and No CholesterolNO Icky Additives or Pesky PreservativesGrown and Processed without GMOs0 grams Trans Fat & 0 grams Saturated FatVegan

Bunny Pasta with Yummy Cheese(6 oz)

These arrived a monthly before Easter so I was able to save and use then . The kids absolutely enjoyed the bunny pasta and so did I . Not to mention they were so tasty and CHEESY ( Something most of us can appreciate ) .

Nutritional value
Good Source of ProteinGood Source of CalciumGood Source of Vitamin B1Good Source of Folic AcidContainer Yeast Free0g Trans Fat

Thanks Annie's for making such a variety of delicious treats for parents who care what their kids eat and thanks so much for the onsies organic t-shirt you sent for my baby .

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My week

After work I went home got about a 2 mile walk in with my husband . Later we went to town and grabbed a chicken sandwich ( I was to pooped to cook ) and they were only .99 cents .About 8:00 we went and picked Austin up from his last tennis match and went home . I took a long bath, watched a little t.v and went to bed.

Wednesday - I got up cleaned the house some and done a few clothes before heading out to work . I have a doctors appointment today @ 4:00 to check the baby and to do a sugar test ( Standard baby stuff ). I have to drink a pint of glucose prior to going . Hopefully my sugar will be normal . I don't have a lot planned for today after work since it is a church night . I am hoping to make it home in time to get a walk in if I can get supper cooked fast enough.

Turkey sandwich on honey wheat thins W/Dr. Kraker & Cheese

Dessert = Blueberries with Plain yogurt

Trying to do it all

Canisters ( Found at local Goodwill

Basket ( I found at local goodwill) .

Emma Kate
Saturday- I went and pickled up my step- daughters baby ( Emma Kate ) . I kept her all weekend . She is such a good baby . It was a little hard trying to do housework and watch her only b/c I didn't really have a lot of her toys , swing or even a walker to put her in , so I had to hold her more than I needed too. Needless to say I was exhausted by the afternoon . We went to a Surprise Birthday party for a friend and got home around 9 'ish ... we were all tired and went straight to bed... except for Emma she was wide awake and wanted to eat . I am getting some practice in before my little one gets here.

Sunday morning was church . I took Emma with me to my Sunday school class ( needless to say the kids could not focus but they had a ball with her she was trying to eat everyone's Sunday school books ) . I carried her home after the morning services and we went out to eat with some friends and then home to rest some before the next service .

It's Tuesday -I was off work Monday for a furlough day . I cleaned my house and washed loads of clothes. After dropping my son off at school I went to Goodwill I found some training pants for the baby , canisters and a cute basket and some clothes for myself and a couple of necklaces .I really enjoyed myself!! I have to remind myself to take more breaks .It is so hard to keep up with all the housework while I am working full time and preggo . I am finding it more and more challenging everyday just to do my normal activities at home. My belly really is starting to get in the way . lol! I did manage to get the house pretty clean and most of the clothes washed and supper cooked.Late afternoon me and my husband went for a long walk in the woods b/c I was so miserable and knew I needed to exercise before going to bed. I have 3 more months to go and I hope I don't get too much bigger than I am now ...... it really wears your body down and makes you so tired. I really need to start taking some naps . There is always so much to do when I get home and I know it will be waiting on me when I get up , so I don't always relax like I should . Today I plan on eating a light supper and taking a long walk ( I have already called my husband and he is set to go ) . My son has his last tennis match today ( out of town ) so I will not get him until close to 7:00 so I should have plenty of time to get my walk in and maybe relax some . I can't wait until I am home for good and can maybe catch up on it all and be with my family more and start taking better care of ME and my family .Next week Austin is on SPRING BREAK ... I am off again this Friday and will not return to work until next Thursday !!! I should be able to get a lot done and relax too.

Friday, March 26, 2010

My baby in a Tennis Tournament


Getting ready to take a hit .

I know , I know .. he is not a baby but he will always be mine.
Here are a few shots of Austin playing the tournament against 2 counties on 3/23.
He won the 1st 2 matches in tournament and lost the final . Austin has one more game on 3/30 out of town . I will keep you posted on how well he does.

Monday, March 22, 2010

looooong weekend

Thursday afternoon after work – went and seen a friend that just had a baby boy ! He was so precious! Can’t wait till I have mine!

Friday was my off day from work. I got up at 6:00 to get Austin ready for school & I got ready to go to town to go grocery shopping. I was done by 9:30. When I got home I put all the groceries up and cooked me and my husband a huge breakfast of eggs, grits, hash browns and little sausages. So Delicious! We did not eat lunch until around 4:00.We love to do late breakfast; Frankie & I already do this on the weekends and this will help him and me to lose the weight we need to lose after I have the baby and he wants to lose a few lbs his self. I cleaned the house some, washed a lot of clothes & even got to hang them out b/c the weather was gorgeous and my husband hung some pictures in the baby room. After B-fast I got busy baking cookies for the church bake sale. I baked a total of 7.50 dozen for the church and a few for us and my in-laws.


They cookies turned out awesome. The bake sale went great we sold about $300.00. The remaining items will be sold today. Afterwards I took my son and a friend of his to see Alice & Wonderland. Before heading there we ran through McDonald’s and picked up some burgers and I got them each one of the new caramel mocha and snuck it into the movies along with some healthy snacks for myself. The movie was awesome …. Everyone really enjoyed it. I could not wait to get home and enjoy the weather ...… it was so sunny. I raked and cleaned yards for a few hours before going in and grabbing a bite to eat .Supper was really simple Austin and I had baked fish, salad and organic Mac & cheese. My husband has been under the weather with a cold so he hasn't had much of an appetite for the last few days.

– I got up early; my husband and son wanted a big breakfast so I cooked bacon, eggs, hash browns and grits before heading to church , also I put on a pot roast with potatoes & Carrots before heading out the door . After church let out we went to Japanese with friends . I ordered only veggies and I and my husband split a plate. Afterwards we went home to rest before the next service. Sunday after the afternoon service I laid in the hammock and watched my son & husband shoot some hoop , then went in and made homemade mochas and we dipped into the delish pot roast . So mouth watering!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Load Lifted

Today I told my boss that I would be definetly be leaving after I have the baby in July but to please wait to spread the word to the rest of employees . I have not put in an actual resignation date but will sometime after I have the baby . I feel this is what I need to do for my family , I will still be working full time just being at home .My husband and I own a towing business and I will be helping him a lot more to take a load off and taking care of the homelife. Frankie & Austin are really excited , now I will be there when he gets off the bus and be there for all his school breaks ( Can't wait to see what that is like ) and be there for my husband.

My boss and I got a little emotional when I told her but she did suspect it . She has been the BEST boss that I ever had the pleasure of working for . I work with a great bunch of people and they will surely be missed. I have already promsed her that I would come visit . Well I am about to be leaving for the day . Tomorrow I am off for a Furlough day ( day required to take by state with $0 pay ) . It is fine though it has given me the chance to relax some while I am pregnant , I just have to tighten up on my budget .