Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kays Naturals

FROM THE WEBSITE: We are dedicated to bringing to you, our customer, better alternatives to gluten free snacks and cereals. Made with a better balance of soy protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and good fats, our products are delicious and uniquely satisfying snacks and cereals that can actually help curb the appetite, whether at home, at work, or at play.

My husband and I enjoyed all the snacks . My favorite was the Chili Nachos & the Sweet BBQ mix! These are great for on the go .My husband agreed with me he loved the Sweet BBQ ones to........ They were so delicious! The Cereals were great also I threw one in my bag and ate on the way to work . I didn't feel bad about it like I do most snacks; because I knew I was putting something HEALTHY in my body! Thanks Kays Naturals for the great goodies! Go to http://kaysnaturals.com/products/ for your goodies !

Here is a list of chips and cereals Kays Naturals offers! With such a Variety you can't go wrong!

  • Almond Delight
  • CrispsHazelnut
  • Sweet Chips
  • Original Pretzel
  • SticksCinnamon
  • Toast Pretzel Sticks
  • Gluten Free Golden Butter Pretzels
  • Sweet BBQ Mix
  • White Cheddar Kruncheeze
  • Butter Pretzel Twists
  • Crispy Parmesan
  • Chili Nacho-Cheese
  • Cereal Apple Cinnamon Cereal-
  • French Vanilla Cereal
  • Cinnamon Toast
  • Pretzel Sticks Golden Butter
  • Jalapeno Honey Mustard Pretzel


Melinda said...

those snacks look yummy- I'll have to check those out!