Tuesday, June 16, 2009

loooooooooooooong Monday

Fresh Produce and I grew it!

Whew Monday was a very long day for me !! Work went great ! I learned a new program today for work ... its always exciting to learn something new . After work I went home changed and headed right to work in the yards ... I couln't wait to get home! I got the tree house and back porch cleaned and got a lot more trimming around the yard done. My list I made for myself is getting shorter and shorter! It was so hot out I was pouring sweat within minutes. I picked more squash from the garden.......... The squash are doing awesome ! I got an eggplant and some tomatoes and a cucumber. I cleaned up a bit and Frankie & I headed to a friends house to pick some blueberries . My friend told me the bushes were loaded .......I got there and he only had a couple of bushes I got a quart or two, not what I was expecting ... but I was still happy it. I have another place I can go pick at soon and they have tons of blueberries!