Monday, June 15, 2009

Great weekend!

Well I didn't get it all done but I got alot done . We went out Friday night to an all you can eat seafood buffet with 2 brothers of mine ( they called about 4:00 Friday afternoon ) . I didn't eat buffet I ordered a salad ( I was so proud of me ! ) . We got up Saturday morning and cleaned yards and worked on the house . We got a phone call late Friday afternoon, my husbands grandma is not doing well and they don't give her long to live. We drove a few hours to go see her on Saturday afternoon about 3 ish . I was glad we did it , she hasn't spoke in 2 days and when she seen us ....... she said she loved us ( that made us feel really good) . I got to see all of my husbands cousins and Aunts! It was a great visit. We got home at almost 12:00 am! We were so tired! Sunday morning we went to church afterwards we brought a friend home for Austin. They had a good time they played rockband on the wii and skateboarded some while me and frankie worked in the yards & fed the chickens. Sunday afternoon we got cut the sprinklers on the yard and watered everything ! I plan to finish this list today ! I want everything to look good for my July 4th BLOWOUT! Tonight agfter I finish my list I also plan to finish some product reviews .

EXTRA- Trimmed all the low hanging branches
Planted some new flowers
mow grass -done
weed eat yards-done
Balance check book Pay bills-done

clean church & mow church grass -done
Bend metal to make candle holders to hang on trees
straighten clean barn
order checks
clean porch
clean tree house
finish flower and weed flower bed at water pond-done
cut frankies hair -done

Put pics on disc and organize download video
Research pools - we want to build our own
clean house /clothes-done