Friday, June 12, 2009

yippee it's Friday

Fridays here!!!!

I just made myself a list on my lunch break of everything I want to do today and this weekend. We will see how far I get on this huge list! lol! This morning I had a small bag of honey almond protein cereal and a bluberry chobani greek yogurt for b-fast and coffee of course! Lunch will be more salmon patties and a small fruit salad. I am maintaining the same weight , not really gaining or losing. I need a jump start .I plan to try to add more exercise in . I don't think it is my eating because I really do not eat that much . The only thing I think I could do better on is less supper and eat earlier .

  • mow grass

  • weed eat yards

  • Balance check book Pay bills

  • clean church & mow church grass

  • Bend metal to make candle holders to hang on trees

  • straighten clean barn

  • order checks

  • clean porch

  • clean tree house

  • finish flower and weed flower bed at water pond

  • cut frankies hair

  • Put pics on disc and organize download video

  • Research pools - we want to build our own

  • clean house /clothes