Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Look what came in the mail!!!

I can't wait to try these treats!

A little coffee with my You bar!

You BARS“ FROM THE WEBSITE ”...So we took the bar by the horns and began making our own nutrition bars at home. It was as though we'd died and gone to heaven, except for the dishes we had to clean! We finally had nutrition bars with the exact ingredients that we wanted free from preservatives and corn syrup, freshly made and as delicious as Mom Ava's fluffy whole grain pancakes. And they never got boring either: smooth, crunchy, chewy, sweet and savoury to suit any mood!We began making customized nutrition bars for the rest of our family and friends' the response was great. (Dad didn't even mind the messy kitchen!) We learned we weren't the only ones fed up with eating mass produced bars. Almost everyone we knew lit up at the possibility of creating bars tailored to their own tastes and dietary dreams. And so You Bar was born.

Frankie tried the honey & Cashew bar and I had to try the Chocolate one with a cup of fresh coffee! So GOOD! Not to mention Healthy for you! As I was eating I was reading the ingredients in these You bars! Very IMPRESSING to both me and my husband!! I can’t wait to try the Protein shakes and trail mix they sent I know they will be just as GOOD. I will post this as soon as I try them. I would recommend these for everyone. They are great bars for on the go! To get 5% off your order of You Bars; GO To http://www.youbars.com/ and type in "integrity". You will not be disappointed! I promise!

Thursday 6/11/09 YOU BARS Trying out the trail mix & Protein shakes!

Between my husband and I we have devoured the You bars up! I tried the trial mix and protein shakes with ORGANIC soy milk with a few strawberries. I chilled my soy milk in the freezer for about an hour so it would be like an icey! SO GOOD! This was better than going to town and buying a cold treat and so much more healthier for you ! The trail mix was so yummy!!! I loved the chocolate taste in the trail mix .It was a wonderful combination !

Thanks YOU BARS!