Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tuesday & Wednesday!

I couldn't wait to get home!Frankie was gone doing some work and Austin was off with his cousin! I went straight in the house got my coffee and through some shorts on and went straight to work in the flower beds! I got 2 flower beds cleaned out and several piles of leaves picked up! I picked my squash again! I am having to pick it every two days ... UNBELIEVABLE! I am not complaining at all .I am so happy it is doing so well! I worked until 8:30...I had to make myself go in . I went in and cooked Frankie some supper.....he got home around 9:45. I hit the tub ... and we stayed up until about 1:00 in the morning talking! I paid for it the next day! lol! TIME gets away when you are having fun!

Frankies mom is coming to town today . I set everything out to make salmon patties for lunch . I went home at lunch and made chocolate on chocolate cookies , salmon patties , cabbage , cheese grits and cooked some squash ( I think we have had squash every night .. well it seems like it!) I sure am not going to waste it.The meal turned out beautifully! Tonight is family night at my church , everyone brings a dish can probably guess what I cooked ...... SQUASH . haha! After church Frankie went fishing with some friends ( he invited me but I declined .. I knew he would be out late ) I went home and painted some in the guest bathroom and cleaned the house and did some filing! NEEDLESS to Say .. I was up until about 12:50 AM! Frankie walked in about 1:00 AM ( he caught ONE fish ) .. can you believe that! . I have to go to bed on time tonight... or I am going to kill myself with this no sleeping mess .lol ! I am just to hyped up!