Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monday is here again...... ALREADY???

Got up around 6:30.... Had to drag out of bed. The weekend was just to good to me! LOL!
1st thing I did was have my coffee ( ALWAYS ) !Then 4-b-fast I had aMacro Green bar Yogurt With Grapes & banana. I did my 2- mile power walk @round 11:00!!! I am working so hard on trying to stay on my diet & keep the exercising up ! I have a trip coming up to go to Florida with some friends and I want to look my best!! I can't wait to get away for a few days ! For lunch I had leftover japenese and a salad. Just as I was finishing up lunch my brother brought his step son by for a surprise visit. When I got home today GUESS WHAT!!!! I had a package in the mail!! I got my You Bars in!!! How exciting! After coffee & a snack we went over to a friend’s house to visit and then home to tidy up the house.