Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Having a good time!

Fresh Lemonade to go with our steaks!

I cooked steak , Salad and a potato casserole with fresh new potatoes and green onions right out of my garden!!! It was sooooo good!

Austin chilling out after stuffing his self! lol! He is the only person I know that can eat and eat and never gain a pound. lol!

All of us at PJ's Graduation!! !

Me & PJ!!! I am so proud of him . Graduating is a a BIG deal!
Saturday I went to Nephews graduation . Sunday was church after church me & Frankie and went to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch ( my sister gave me coupons for one free meal ) THANKS MELINDA! ... and I had to use them before they EXPIRED! I ordered steak the salad bar came with it . I ate the salad bar and a small portion of steak and took the rest home for Frankie . He had it the next day .
I took Monday off to be with the boys. It was so nice! We relaxed all day cooked steaks and went to the pool! Tuesday was a BLUUURRRRR! lol! I was late this morning for work !I couldn't sleep last night so Frankie and I decided we would get up and go walking. We went for a 4 1/2 mile walk through the neighborhood. Along the way we saw a fox , a beaver and a armadillo !! Frankie chased them ......... it was so funny!! I really do love living in the country you see so many things! I have been super buzzzzzzzzyy this week . We have Vacation Bible school at church and I am helping with that . So it leaves very little time at the house but that is A-ok ........... everyone is having a blast and the kids in my class loooooooooooooove me! I am still doing my walking everyday and eating good!


Anonymous said...

The grilling out and pool sounds so fun- I'm jealous! Tell Frankie to PLEASE stop harassing the poor animals! lol