Thursday, June 4, 2009


Over all today was a great Day ! I really didn't eat a lot because I was so busy at work . I had a banana with ORGANIC nut butter on it for a snack ( I got this idea from my sister ) .I had to try it to see if it was really that good. ...and it WAS! For lunch I had a small Bowl of butter beans and a small piece of fresh baked ham . I had carrots dipped in hummus . Yum!! Last night was VBS and the church feeds you , I had a small bowl of homemade spaghetti for supper. I didn't think that was to bad being I didn't really eat a lot thru the day!


I got to work a little late Austin had an ortho appt. .Austin will be getting his braces on July 16th @ 8:10 ! He was full of questions..... and I had al the answers since I had braces b-4. Well I am about to start my day with a bowl of fruit with Organic Nut Butter! I went for a 2 mile walk at lunch .. it started raining on me so I had to run in and finish walking around my department. For lunch I cooked homemade salmon patties and I had a salad. Ity hit the SPOT!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Austin looks SO excited about being at the Ortho just j/k

I told you that the banana & nut butter was AWESOME! I got Reggie to try it too, he loves it! I'm now at eating 1-2 bananas per day lol