Thursday, May 21, 2009

Monday - Thursday

I've been EXTREMELY busy lately with my work and home life, I am posting for Monday -Thursday . This week has flown by !!I haven't really been able to get outside ANY this week to work in the yards b/c of all the rain!!! I did manage to get some corn in the garden on Monday ! Guess what!!!!! I looked at it today and it is already up ... I think it may be the manure we are putting on it. Tuesday I made a Ortho appt for my son ..... I think he made need braces , he is dreading that. I got all the laundry done and folded and put up and managed to go through some cabinets and do some organizing ... huge accomplishment for me since I work full time. On Wednesday, I ran by Wal-mart to grab a spinach pizza and some salad for supper since it was church . After church I watched TLC What not to wear .. loooooooove that show it is so MOTIVATING !! I have managed to do my 2 mile power walk every day here at work.. SO PROUD of me ! This morning I got up at about 5:00 straightened up the house some & put a roast on for supper tonight ( I laid the carrots , fresh red potatoes and onions out to add to it later after work . I plan to cook some brown rice with it and another veggie. I took my son for his Ortho appt.... and does have to have braces , they should be putting them on within a month and a half. I think he was a little excited. Well I better get to work .. I have loads to do !
B-fast -oatmeal and blueberries nd my cup of grape juice with Mother apple Cider vinegar !
Lunch Huge salad
Supper - varies super light
2-mile power walk Monday - Friday , I try to Squeeze in more when I get home.