Thursday, March 18, 2010

Load Lifted

Today I told my boss that I would be definetly be leaving after I have the baby in July but to please wait to spread the word to the rest of employees . I have not put in an actual resignation date but will sometime after I have the baby . I feel this is what I need to do for my family , I will still be working full time just being at home .My husband and I own a towing business and I will be helping him a lot more to take a load off and taking care of the homelife. Frankie & Austin are really excited , now I will be there when he gets off the bus and be there for all his school breaks ( Can't wait to see what that is like ) and be there for my husband.

My boss and I got a little emotional when I told her but she did suspect it . She has been the BEST boss that I ever had the pleasure of working for . I work with a great bunch of people and they will surely be missed. I have already promsed her that I would come visit . Well I am about to be leaving for the day . Tomorrow I am off for a Furlough day ( day required to take by state with $0 pay ) . It is fine though it has given me the chance to relax some while I am pregnant , I just have to tighten up on my budget .



Melinda said...

That is awesome- I know you are so happy! Austin and Frankie are too I bet! lol