Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pure Bar Review

Pure Bar are what they say purely raw little bars that pack a huge taste and nutritional punch. Pure Bars are certified organic, vegan and offer a wider variety of ingredients...... which leads to their delicious and varied flavors.

The texture of these bars are chewy, with chunks of real fruit and nuts.... there is nothing processed about these bars !They come in a variety of awesome flavors. The Apple Cinnamon and Wild Blueberry flavorsall with real pieces of fruit, chewy and fresh tasting, not the artificial fruit flavor you usually get .Choco-Chip Trail Mix is perfect for the chocolate Lovers out there and for the real mccoy sink your teeth into the Chocolate Brownie. It actually tastes like a brownie . The Cherry Cashew and Cranberry-Orange flavors were a delish also . All of these bars were so good !

Pure Bar also has a great blog on their site, , which offers tons of great info aboout raw and Organic foods.. Pure Bars are available at Trader Joe’s everywhere or you can order them straight from the Pure Bar site
Thanks Pure Bars for the oppurtunity to try your wonderful Bars !!!


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