Thursday, February 18, 2010

MIA .. Missing in Action

Sorry I have not been blogging so well at all .LIFE HAS BEEN SO CRAZY BUT GOOD !
A lot has went on in the last several months. We built my mom a house only on weekends ( we accomplished this in 38 days over a about a 4 month period with some weekdays!!). So very happy with the outcome! While also trying to do a little work on my own house, It was very tiring but so worth it .My hubby son and I went on vacation to Tennessee for a week in October with Friends we went to Dolly wood , wonderworks , apple barn ( beautiful ) and a few more places . After returning from vacation I found out I was pregnant .HUGE SURPRISE ! I had prayed for another child and it was 2 weeks later I was pregnant. GOD is good! I am now 5 months pregnant with a baby GIRL ( we went on 2/2 for an ultra sound ). I am due on July 7th ! We are so THRILLED! The hubby & I are remodeling her room for her right now. It will be princess pink ( almost a light blush pink ) with white beaded ceilings and wood floors. I can't wait till it is finished! We started on it last week and it should be done by the middle of next week ( so 1/2 weeks) . We are painting a baby bed my sister gave me espresso brown same as an antique dresser I already have, I am trying to be thrifty since times are so hard now and just trying to recycle as much as possible. I hate wasting. I had thought about continuing work for a little while after I have the baby to build our dream home but my husband and I came to the conclusion for me to stay home and be with the family and help with our family Business Towing & Recovery , I can work in the office and I will be able to breast feed ( I feel this is best & if I go back to work I will not be able to do that as well). It will be so nice b/c I can still be their for our daughter and for my son when he gets off the bus and for the summers and my husband means way more to us & the house we are in is suffice enough .



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