Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I got up around 6' ish and got my coffee on and downloaded some pictures for my reviews that I plan to do today. Work went great ! I did my 2 mile power walk here at work . I swung into Harvey's on the way home and got some sausage that was on sale ( I am trying to gather all the ingredients for my low country boil on July 4th ) . When I got home I completed my reviews and finished painting Austin's bathroom ( I had to go back and sand down what I did , It didn't lay as smooth as I wanted. Hopefully I am finished this time. Frankie finished caulking a few things . I put up seven quarts of yellow squash in the freezer last night ( all from my garden! ) . We are getting so much done around the house ! We laid off on skiing and knee-boarding ( I miss it but we still have plenty of HOT weather to do that . Next weekend we have a church trip planned for the kids that involves water! Yahh ! I can't wait!

B-Fast - Organic bagel with blueberry agave & Coffee
Lunch - Sliced cucumber & tomato , 1 Piece of Tilapia and a piece of homemade tomato pie.
Snack - Cantaloupe