Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday : ) Our Working Day !

Saturday morning I rolled out of the bed at about 9:15.... ooohhh it felt so good not to be rushing @round! Frankie had me coffee ready and I made me and Frankie a Egg With fresh green onions right out of our garden and a patty sausage . YUMMY! After that we all headed out in the yards to work . We got all the yards mowed and weed-eated. Everything looks so good!! We even got the trash taken off! I am so proud of us! I picked a huge mess of squash out of the garden and the kids and Frankie picked my red potatoes for me! I had a whole bucket full! I cooked some for lunch along with squash and grilled porkchops! YUMMY!! We ate outside ...... it was so nice!!!