Saturday, May 16, 2009

saturday .. doing what I want!

B-fast oatmeal & blueberries with a nice cup of hot coffee and a side of grape juice W/Mother apple cider vinegar! I am doing this ..desperately hoping to lose a few LbS, so I can get ready for summer time!!!! I have been drinking the apple cider vinagar for a few days now ... and I can really tell the difference!!!!! It really curbs your appetite!

My Garden!!! It is growing!!! Yahh! I will have fresh veggies soon! I really try not to purchase any veggies from the store if I can help it. For me all NATURAL is the way to go!!!

My mid-day snack green apples, cherries and Pineapple!!!
Delicious! I couldn't eat it all but I plan on snacking on it later on today ! For Supper I will go with a light salad!


Melinda said...

I need to start taking my ACV again- that fruit salad looks so pretty! :D


Becky said...

Well what areyou waiting on !!! Thanks ! I thought so to!