Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Me on the way to work Monday morning !!!! rrrr! I loveeeeee Mondays !!!! hahah!

Here is the breakfast casserole , grits & fruit salad , I made for my mother in law for Mothers day ! I had b-fast on her table before 8:00 Sunday morning ! Not bragging but it was delicious!!!

Austin made me this bouquet of flowers & got me these two sweeeeeeeet cards ! How Sweet ! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful son in my life! I love him more than anything in this World! The pink card had a Me !Me ! Me pin .. I wore it all day !!!!!LOL! The other card of 2 dogs saying .. I always have so much fun when I am with you ! I made a yummy breakfast casserole b-fast for my mother in law and I was taken out to lunch . ..Chinese! YUMMY!!!!!


Melinda said...

Love your Mother's Day presents- so cute! And the breakfast looks great- I bet she really loved it! :D

Becky said...

I loved them to ! If that would have been all I got I would have been happy!!! Oh yea she really liked it .. so did we!