Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Too much fun!

Monday 8/4/09.

This year is flying by ( I CAN'T BELIEVE IT IS AUGUST ALREADY) ! Christmas will be here b-4 u know it!

We have been having way to much fun ( I know is that really possible ) lol!
School has started back for my 11 year old son and My husband and I have got to get down to business and get some things done around the house . It seems almost inpossible to get it all done and work full time too . I think I can do it if I can just prioritize a little better!

Yesterday after work I organized my sons closet and went through all of the office paper work at the house and organized it ( I have to make files for it this week ) . I cleaned house some and got a lot done . This week I plan to get a lot acomplished , I plan to do a little every day and not overwhelm myself.

Tuesday's acomplishment list

  • clean the fridge
  • clean the home office
  • start on organizing my closet .


FatFitnessFood said...

Wow You are unstoppable! Great job!

Becky said...

There is just so much to do and I feel like I am always having to run and cram every day after work . I try hard to acomplish something everyday even if it is something as simple as cleaning out a drawer.If I can do that everyday y house will be spotless! lol!