Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sahale Snacks

From the Website:

We developed our initial product line of premium nut blends beginning in the summer of 2003, after we returned from climbing Mt. Rainier in Washington State. Overloaded on uninspired trail mix and stale bin nuts, we were motivated to create a natural and healthy snack that tasted like great food. We used tree nuts as the basis of the blends and tested hundreds of recipes, combining natural and organic ingredients. In January 2004 we hit the market with four all-natural snacks with unique regional ingredients and spices, including Moroccan harissa, naturally dried papaya, and organic balsamic vinegar. We stick to a simple idea: use only whole foods in their natural form, avoid processed and artificial ingredients, add "culinary magic", and produce great tasting, nutritious snacks. Sahale Snacks... Snack Better™ Josh & Edmond

My Review:

These snacks were so Delicious! You could taste all the different varieties of flavors and spices! It felt great having a snack that you knew was good for you and it tasted so good! These are great for work & on the go ! When I got a little snacky I reached for one and it HIT the spot! Thank you Sahale for the WONDERFUL snacks!


Melinda said...

Those look good! :)